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of same-sex marriage tonight say, "not so fast." nbc's mara schiavocampo has more on this from los angeles tonight. mara? >> reporter: good evening, ann. well, judge walker's ruling essentially paves the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california on wednesday. supporters outside san francisco's city hall cheered the announcement this afternoon though that excitement was tempered a bit when they realized the stay would not be lifted immediately. now, on august 4th, judge walker over turned proposition 8. that's the 2008 ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in california. fighting that measure is unconstitutional. now at the same time he also issued a temporary stay on that ruling to give proponents of prop-8 time to appeal. today, he announced they have until august 18th to do that. otherwise the stay will be lifted and same-sex marriages will resume. now, in his decision, judge walker found that proponents of prop-8 hadn't shown that any harm would come to them if the stay were to be lifted. opponents say they are prepared to take the case to the supreme court if that's what
maras o pandillas.--- la pequeÑa habria sido asesinada a causa de una extorsion de la mara a su familia ... ---- y en colombia, 5 de los pasajeros del avion que fue literalmente partido por un rayo en colombia, siguen muy graves ...---- en el accidente murio una mujer y un centenar de personas resultaron heridas ...---- el hecho se produjo en san andres, isla caribeÑa colombiana cuando un boeing 737 de "aires" aterrizaba, y fue alcanzado por un rayo ... ---habia 121 personas a bordo al momento del accidente. ---para decirles como estara el tiempo esta madrugada y maÑana... les presenta el pronostico nuestro meteorologo ariel rodriguez !!! ---muchas gracias ariel... nos vamos nuevamente a la pausa... ---y regresamos con mas de sus llamadas... y el tema de la noche... ---que piensa usted de las declaraciones del presidente mexicano....? si ven polvo es porque estamos limpiando la casa"... ¿usted cree que en mexico Í se esÁ n solucionando los problemas...? mejor de la jornada cuatro del futbol mexicano. es el mejor gol y que tal este del paraguayo osvaldito martinez.. quien desde fu
for the sunday group. bill kristol of the weekly standard. mara liasson of national public radio. kevin madden a republican strategist who was mitt romney ms spokesman during his run for president and one williams also from national public radio. well, the numbers tell the story and let's take a look at the numbers. gdp growth has now fallen from 5% in the last quarter of 2009 to 3.7% in the first quarter of this year, to just 1.6% in the second quarter. bill, how could the white house have been so wrong about what it was calling at the start the summer of recovery? >> well, they had an economic theory that turned out to be not the correct which is the classic huge government stimulus and huge by the feds and that would get the economy going and. turns out the fed has done everything that was done and there was a huge stimulus ineffectively spent and now we have an economy that is stagnant. >> chris: they say that the big stimulus package as bad as the economy is boosted gdp by 1.7 to 4.5% and bad as unemployment is, it increased employment more than it would have been by 1.4 to 3.3 million jo
:22 aÑos eran presuntos integrantes de la pandilla mara >> la autopsia de los cadÁveres habÍa una mezcla de dolor y resignaciÓn. no sÉ si se estÁn matando, no le echo la culpa a nadie,.fin d@ porque cada quien a veces es responsable de lo t uni-fin de m >> es la octava masacre similar en lo que va del aÑo. demasiado para la mayorÍa de salvadoreÑos.n de snot >> ya es demasiado. >> en san salvador, salvador i-fin de semnot h@not unn de s >> asÍ abrimos nuestra ventana al mundo. semt uni-no >> en indonesia miles de personas tuvieron que ser evacuado de sus casas debido a la erupciÓn del volcÁn. emanÓ peligrosas columnas de lava. al menos cuatro personas murieron, numerosos residentes ignoraron las advertencias y regresaron a sus casas poniendo en peligro sus vidas. el aire era y respirable este sÁbado donde numerosos habitantes. intentaban huir de una capa de humo. 193.500 ha estaban ardiendo. 52 personas han muerto. 16 obreros murieron en una mina de oro. lo informado fue por la agencia oficial china. de los mÁs de 300 mineros. 279 lograron escapar rÁpidamente, se dijo que otros
now for our sunday group. bill kristol of "the weekly standard." mara liasson of national public radio. kevin madden, republican strategist who was mitt romney's spokeman during his run for president. and juan williams, also from national public radio. well, the numbers told a story. let's look at the numbers. g.d.p. growth has now fallen from 5% in the last quarter of 2009 to 3.7% in the first quarter of this year. to just 1.6% in the second quarter. bill, how could the white house have been so wrong about what it was calling at the start "the summer of recovery"? >> well, they had an economic theory that i think turned out not to be correct. which is a classic keynesian huge government stimulus, huge quantitative easing by the fed and it would get the economy going and we'd have a decent recovery and it turns out the fed has done everything it can, and huge stimulus ineffectively spent and now we have an economy that is stagnant. >> chris: mara, the white house is hanging its hat on other numbers represented by the latest figures for the non-partisan congressional budget office. look
> la seleccion de la polvosa vestida de blanco se enfrentaba al equipo de la mara quien lucia traje amarillo el balon comenzo a rodar y con esto inicio el grito de la aficion en 80 minutos de adrelina pura esta vez no estamos haciendo una liga de adultos solo 8 equipos de liga de adultos claro y van los jovenes de diferentes edades digo tambien considerados adultos las mujeres van a estar en otro torneo conjuntos temprano van a jugar y tambien un torneo de niÑos por mas de 20 aÑos el torneo la polvosa habia sido suspendido por diversas razones pero este aÑo sus nuevos promotores creen que sera uno de los mejores del area metropolitana traemos juventud traemos una combinacion de jovenes con adultos y buen toque de futbol y bueno un ambiente familiar que no se miraba instalaciones perfectas aun no lleva su nombre la cancha pero este comentarista deportiva fue el fundador del primer torneo de la polvosa vino a desearle la mejor de la suerte a los equipos la diferencia con lo de antes y
ways than one. we have nbc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: in san marcos, california, a barn owl named molly waits for her eggs to hatch. though all alone in this nest, she's got plenty of company. >> there are 1,628 viewers on there right now watching molly. >> reporter: call it bird watching for the internet age. >> it's interactive tv. it's reality tv. it's comedy. >> reporter: molly's home is an owl house overlooking carlos and donna royal's backyard. fitted with six cameras, it streams live video to devoted fans worldwide. self-described owl-caholics. >> people don't get to see this in real life. >> reporter: the video stream has gotten 15 million views. fans watching molly and her partner's first set of eggs hatch one by one. seeing them grow and fly the coop. and now, waiting for the next set of owlets to come out of their shells. >> what is it that's so mesmerizing about them? >> we have a lot of bad things going on in the world. we have molly which has been nothing but good. >> reporter: it's not the first time the call of the wild has been heard online. millions have ta
northeast of los angeles. nbc's mara schiavocampo is at st. mary's medical center in apple valley california, where some of the victims are being treated. mara? >> yeah. alex, the injuries range from minor to critical and the victims were airlifted to area hospitals including the one where we are now. this accident happened yesterday shortly before 8:00 p.m. and it was at an event called the california 200 race. this is essentially a 50-mile loop course set up in the lake bed 100 miles from los angeles. part of this course is that it includes obstacles and witnesses say that's part of what contributed to this accident. one of the trucks was about two miles into the race, it went over a jump, and that's when the driver lost control, the vehicle sailed through the air and landed in the crowd. witnesses say that what happened afterwards was absolutely horrifying, that there were bodies scattered everywhere, people crushed by that vehicle. officials say that all of the vibtss were in their 20s and 30s, many pronounced dead on the scene, although some of the injured do include minors. now in term
. 6554. mara moderate, let yourself play. -- maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> it will be busy in your department. >> hot and humid. it may feel like 105 degrees. that will start the atmosphere blowing pretty pretty good chance we could see thunderstorms later this afternoon and this evening. some could be severe. then, easy street. friday, saturday, sunday, humidity drops off. 90, but one not terribly humid, it is not bad. >> not bad at all. >> tried to keep cool today. take it easy. and we will watch the sky. >> thanks for joining us. the sure to watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and standstill ball. -- stan stovall.
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hacer modificaciones al proyecto original: la fiscalia no quiere que aparezcan los nombres de las maras en la ley, mientras que el gobierno es partidario de que si se las nombre especificamente ... ---la policia podria actuar mejor si la ley se aprueba rapido, dice el presidente. ----en bolivia los gigantescos incendios en 4 provincias y en el norte de "la paz" habrian arrasado ya unas 10 mil viviendas ...---las llamas consumieron un millon y medio de hectareas, y se han detectado mas de 600 focos de incendio .... ---es un aÑo inusualmente seco, y el gobierno tuvo que decretar la emergencia nacional ... ---en algunos bosques, las llamas alcanzan hasta los 50 metros ! ---- y daniel rodriguez...refl exiona esta noche sobre los descansos del presidente obama... stamos en agosto, el octavo mes del año y el presidente barack obama ha iniciado una semana mas de vacacionesera su cuarto periodo de vacaciones y el quinto para la primera damaace apenas unos dias michelle obama paso unos dias en tierras espaÑolas, mientras que su marido se quedaba lidiando con el derrame petroleroi las matemat
of her doctors gave her massive amounts before she died. let's bring in mara who is outside the courthouse in los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning. if things are going according to schedule, lawyers in the drug conspiracy case are getting ready and making their opening statements. as you mentioned, smith's boyfriend and two doctors are charged with eight felonies each, accused of providing thousands of prescription pills illegally to the former play mate and drugging her almost to the point of faction. she was provided with a range of omedications including methadone, she was found unconscious and later pronounced dead at the age of 39 and her death was ruled an accidental overdose of nine medications. this case is not about who is responsible for smith's death. this is about the legality of providing prescription drugs. that's the issue that is on the table. all three defendants are pleaded not guilty. they could face up to five years in prissen and the doctors could lose their medical licenses. >> ma >> mara, thanks. >>> missouri voters struck a vote, they vot
,000 for every employee who stayed through the merger. mara is among them, she's with her boss, thank you both and congratulations, by the way. >> thank you, don. >> thanks for having us. >> pete, explain this to our viewers. this fund is basically -- it's called a stock pool? you pool stock together? how's it work? >> exactly, don. we know how the story usually goes. when a company is sold, the owners get rich and the employees usually get screwed. we wanted to do something very, very different so we created a stock fund. our employees were not shareholders so we actually baked them into the deal. this is something the acquiring company, meredith, absolutely loved because it made everyone act like an owner. so it's been terrific for loyalty and terrific for retention for us. >> so you set goals for them. if they reached those goals, that was an incentive to reach those goals and they got more money put into that pool, right? >> absolutely. so everyone was completely aligned. >> so mara, in the beginning what did you think? did you go, yeah, that sounds good? >> yeah, there was a lot of great
francis mara. the fbi gave him a nickname because of his appearance. mara surrendered after a six-hour standoff at his home in baton rouge, louisiana. court documents show a tip led to mara's arrest after billboards carrying his picture went up last week. >>> the search is intensifying for a serial killer who seems to target african- w oar pafrican- the man is believed to be responsible for at least 20 stabbings in michigan, virginia, and ohio. diana alvear now has the latest. >> when he started stabbing, i hit the ground. i was thinking i wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: the gash on antoine marshall's torso is nearly a foot long. it will forever mark the attack that nearly took his life. >> every day i thank god for letting me live. >> reporter: authorities say marshall is one of at least 20 victims of what they're calling a serial stabber. a white man accused of attacking mostly african-american males in three different states. >> this guy, he was hunting, basically. until he finds somebody that fits the right profile for him. >> reporter: the attacks usually take place eve
into a crowd of spectators. the race took place in the mojave desert. mara schiavocampo is in california where some victims are being treated. very difficult good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yes, that's right. victims here and they are also at other area hospitals. airlifted from the scene last night. now this accident took place before 8:00 last night. it was at a race known as the california 200, and basically what this is is it's a 50-mile loop course set up in a dry lake bed in the mojave desert. part of the course includes obstacle. witnesses say one of the obstacles is part of what contributed to the awful accident. one of the trucks two miles into the race. it went over a jump and that's when the driver lost control, sailed through the air, and landed in the crowd. witnesses say what happened afterwards was just horrifying with bodies scattered everywhere, people lying in pools of their own blood and one person pinned underneath that turned over vehicle. witnesses say that members of the crowd had to try to help the victims. >> you know, people were scrambling everywhere,
. it is time for our sunday group, bill kristol of the weekly standard, mara liasson of npr, kevin madden, mitt romney's spokesman during his run for president and juan williams, also from national public radio. well, the numbers tell the story. let's look at the numbers. gdp growth has fallen from 5% in the last quarter of 2009 to 3.7% the first quarter of this year to 1.6%, in the second quarter. bill? how could the white house have been so wrong about what it was calling at the start, a summer of recovery? >> well, they had an economic theory that turned out not to be correct. the classic keynesian huge, governments stimulus and quantitative easing by the fed and would get the economy going and we have a decent recovery and the fed has done everything it can and the huge stimulus which was in effectively spent and now, an economy is stagnant. >> chris: the white house hangs its hat on other numbers represented by the latest nig gu-- figures from the nonpartisan congressional budget office, they say as bad as the economy is, the stimulus boosted gdp from 4.5% and bad as unemployment is,
into a crowd of spectators at an off-road race, killing eight people and injuring 12. nbc's mara is at st. mary's medical center in apple valley where some of the victims are being treateded. what a difficult morning. good day to you. >> absolutely a real, real tragedy here, alex. the victims' injuries range from minor to critical and they were airlifted to area hospitals including the one where we are now. this accident happened yesterday evening, shortly before 8:00 p.m. at a race called california 200. this is an off-road race. it's essentially a 50-mile loop course that's set up in a dry lake bed in the mojave desert about 100 miles from los angeles. part of this course involves obstacles and witnesses say that is part of what contributed to this awful accident. one of the trucks is about two miles into the race, they went over a jump and that's when the truck lost control, sailed through the air and landed in the crowd. and witnesses say what happened afterwards is absolutely horrifying. that bodies were scattered everywhere, people were lying in their own blood. at least one person was cr
golpearon a dos hombres,prir usando incluso un tubo de metal. una cámara grabó el incidente.qué tal, les habla edna schmidt.hoy en el actociero imer impactoprimer im de semana de narcoviolencia en méxico.en perú, la ex- guerrillera lori berenson pidió públicamente perdón por la violencia que generó en ese país. un panel de jueces evalúa la libertad condicional que se otorgó a berenson.y las costas de luisiana se re-abren a los barcos pesqueros, precisamente cuando se inicia la nueva temporada de pesca de camarones.prhoy por univisió impacprimh@primer o acercar.s.prhoy por >>> ya está con nosotros nuestro presidenpresidente de la repúbl. >>> bienvenido señor presidente y viene con su comité con su hijo gianluca. >>> un beso mi amor. >>> te felicito está hermoso, y muy caballero 6789 se imaginan cuando haya el primer presidente latino en estados unidos. >>> no, no, no creo que me alcance, damas y caballero por el momento en la república deportiva donde no cobramos impuestos, no hay inmigración y nada es deportado aquí le tenemos todo lo que pasa en el deporte arrancam
venezolano hugo chavez.en una sesión de impac emergencia la cámara de representantes aprobó partidas millonarias para salvar empleos y para reforzar la vigilancia fronteriza.y les diremos como se preparan las selecciones de estados unidos y mexico para su partido amistoso esta noche en nueva jersey, el cual primmpactousteÚ que quiero pasar mucho tiempo en la instituciÓn. >>> el chicharito comoprimerh@p sin titubeos. >>> quiere que la recuerden por su talento r ¿cual es la estrategia de javier hernÁndez p familia me quiso acompaÑar porque yo se los pedÍ. dejando de lado muchas cosas para que lo luche por mis sueÑos. >>> de hecho, hernÁndez ya cumpliÓ con uno de los mÁximos anhelos cuando marcÓ su primer gol mundialista ante francia. >>> 9 goles en la selecciÓn mexiprim, no sÉ si los sumas, pero mucha gente losimer impact. >>> estompactoprimergradecactoi club se fijarÁ en mÍ y lo seguÍa. y se burlaron de mÍ. casi siempre, los video juegos le gufc bstaban. y fue un club que llamÓ la atenciÓn. y muestra, que debes tenerprime ganar tÍtulos. >>> y despuÉs de houston, l
boehneprimer impactoprimer impa republicana en la cámara de representantes, pidió la renuncia de los principales asesores económicos del presidente obama.más hoy por h@i univisión.primmpactoprimeractoii ¿quÉ opinas de este cererh@pr es cimer dulcer imp o primer . y avena. primer¿siempre el mismo? prim ih@el mismo! honey bunches of oats. cada cucharada es irrepetible. involuntario. pero regresa con bien excelente motivo. >>> vienen con su nueva producción >>> bienvenidas, impacracias p estar con nosotros, aquí. ustedes están promoviendo el disco, y sobretodo, el lanzamiento del disco completo será en un mes especial en un mes que se celebra exactamente, primer impactoprimer impactoprir homenaje es un país que le ha dado tantos éxitos a ustedes? >>> no lo había visto de esta manera pero le vamos a poner el bicentenario >>> el concepto de banda es tradicional mexicana está si que esperemos pueden celebrar el mes >>> claro que si >>> estamos seguros que así va a ser >>> hay compositores, buenos hay uno que me llama la atención que es joven y éxitos. esi
as over dell mara. the majority of the wet weather, rainfall and storms went to the north of us and northeast of us. we got a break. take a look, this is pushing to the north, northeast. behind it, we still have the lingering bit of precipitation hanging around that i showed you on radar. it will eventually wayne off as we move into the course of tonight. that is good news. let's go to the maps. here is the wind gusts associated with that. they have been picking up a bit, 17 to 25 miles per hour wind gusts. we will see improvement with that as well into the overnight hours. highs in the upper 80s. 88 for reagan. double a's at dulles and 87 at baltimore. 88 d.c. but humidity at 49%. that dropped a bit. we will see that improvement in the humidity as we move into the forecast period. tomorrow, not quite as humid and not quite as warm. 82 at gaithersburg. 84 frederick. 88 manassas. tropical storm danielle, the fourth tropical storm of the season has developed. this morning it was a tropical depression. so, here we go. it actually is expected to slow down a little bit and then incre
of "weekly standard." mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fred, a lot of talk by the president today about the senate bill, the small business bill we are calling it. we heard from doug holtz egan about the size of it. >> it is a small bill. it's a bill with bipartisan support when it was a tax break for small business. then they added in the $30 billion lending facility. the government money that could then go to banks and so on. the republicans oppose that. even olympia snowe. when you lose olympia snowe, you're gone. they have to remove the lending facility and the tax breaks to get there right away. this is a perfect example out there in world of what is worth so much better than what the president has done. that is called germany. we know what germany did. they reduced the unemployment benefit for one thing. they cut spending and cut deficit and they loosened up on the labor market, on hiring and firing and so on, very strict in europe. what happened? in the second quarter, 9% growth. unemployment is down
popped up in the computerized database. they included our maria because her maiden ne was mara jimez. by mistake, the jailer clicked on our maria's name. the rea inmate wasin jail, but all the blame went to our nocent maria. >> ithould have been checked. it's the jail technician that should have looked at it and seen the date of birth was differen >> reporter: she didn't know she had someone else's criminal record and owed someone else's restitution. to pre she wasn't the conct, she had to go to her local shiff's office. deputies there took her fingerint. she wondered if they would lock her up, too. >> i thought, oh, my god, if i d't come out, i need to make sure somebody comes out fr school. >> reporter: it took two weeks to car her name and release h funds. but it had cost her time and anxiety and money. she filed a $5,000 claim with the city of fremont. the city simply said no. >> you're joking, right? you can't turn somebody's life around, turn it upside down that way and force somebody to ha to look into their kids' eyes or be ashamed to look into their eyes. >> reporr: the city
are starting a new life. mara is in billings, montana with more. >> good morning. we're at zoo montana here in billings, the new home for these three cubs. they're being kept at this enclosure here behind me to adjust to their new life in captivity after an ordeal that started less than a month ago. though the story of three little bears, this is no fairy tale. these 18-month-old grizzly cubs have spent the last three weeks in a zoo enclosure they now call home snuggling close to one another for comfort, at times crying out repeatedly for their mother, a mother who is no longer around to hear them. >> it's got to break your heart. >> it does. especially being a mom myself. >> new details on that deadly bear rampage. >> reporter: last month the cubs' mother with her brood in tow went on a murderous rampage in gallatin national forest attacking three campers as they slept. >> i couldn't believe the strength of this animal and i could just feel everything crushing. >> reporter: while two of the victims suffered relatively minor injuries, the third was not so lucky. 48-year-old kevin cammer, a
yards and it's a beautiful, beautiful place and the chef there, mara, is fantastic. >> you're going to lurn something there as well. you have one more we department get to. but in jackson hole, the bent wood inn. and it looks spectacular. all right. thank you so much. >> thank you, natalie. >>> coming up, you're invited over for a summer weekend at my place. kidding. we have some memorable gift ideas. and bryan, jenny and the whole gang, the masche sextuplets are here. [ boy ] there's something new inside your mcdonald's happy meal. where? it's really good. do you see it? it's called hope. hope? yeah. hope. i don't see any hope. i don't see any hope in here. you can't see it there, but you can see it here... 'cause every time you get a happy meal or a mighty kids meal some of the money goes to ronald mcdonald house charities. to help lots of kids and families. hope's good! happy meals. the simple joy of helping. ♪ happy meals. the simple joy of helping. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading bran
is in on this, it ended up going to this heiress of two football movies. >> rooney mara, now that you look her up and learn a little bit more about her, grandparents on one side, the steelers on the other side. she's got football in her blood. >> and she wanted to be an actress and apparently she has the right frame for the part, she has a very lithe frame. >> log on to scoop."today" >>> a newry released college mind set list offers some insight into this year's entering freshman class, but we sincerely ask you to sit down. the class of 2014, where most frahm were bofreshman were born9 thinks of clint eastwood only as a sensitive director. complex slovakia, it has not existed in their life. forg fergie, to them, she's a pop singer. and carmel macchiato. these students have never twisted the coiled hand set wire around their wrists while chatting on the phone and they don't even wear wristwatches. . >>> an escaped inmate and his alleged accomplice have been on the run since the end of july, and now u.s. marshals say one of those inmates may have advanced outdoor survival skills, what
of crowds, a regulation that clearly was not enforced this this case. >> thank you, mara. >>> initials in columbia say a columbian passenger jet liner crashed while landing this morning on the resort island of san andreas. 131 people were on board, there are injuries and at least one person was killed. >>> survivors in pakistan say international aid is not coming quickly enough following the worst flooding there in recorded history. some 20 million people have been affected by the floods that began two weeks ago. >>> firms in boston are now investigating how the suspected craigslist killer was able to commit suicide in jail. he was awaiting trial for the murder of one woman he met during an onlined classified ad and the robbery of another. >>> many u.s. shrimpers are concerned about the oil spill and its affect on the shrimp population. the average price for regular gas is now $2.77 a gallon. >>> thousands have been gathering at graceland to mark the 33rd anniversary of elvis's death. >>> atwo zebras escaped from an animal training farm. one had been hit by a car, but both are expected
is devastated by the didn't. mara, i understand the california highway patrol does not plan to arrest the driver. >> reporter: here's the thing, tamron, it's not clear that the driver did anything wrong. the organizers of this ez events set up rules and regulations and then they operate within them. it's largely a self-governed kind of thing, so if they didn't set up any rules that said there had to be barriers, that the crowd had to be a certain distance away or limiting the speed of drivers going over certain jumps, it was a competition and that may have led to this tragic accident, so officials are saying they have no plans at this time to arrest him or charge him with anything. in terms of the investigation, the way this works is if the bureau of land management issues a permit, because these things take place on federal land and then the organization decides what rules they want to ourpt under. in this particular case, there may have been no official wrong doing. however that may move forward after a change of this magnitude. in terms of the driver, i have spoken to people who were at the e
demanding better jobs. mara, what's the scene like there? >> reporter: hi, chris, well as you can see behind me, the crowds are just starting to form, organizers are expecting 1,000 people and there are at least 1,000 here now, and these are union workers from a variety of industries that have come here to ask for one thing, job creation, good jobs. now i have a guest here who's with me, he's one of the participants of this event. this is cory bowman and he's brought his beautiful baby daughter amber eve, corrie, thank you for joining us. tell me why you're here and why you thought it was important to bring your daughter here? >> i'm here because i
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que sobrevivio a la masacre de 72 indocumentados en mexico, hablan ante las cámaras de univision. tendremos su desgarrador testimonio. ---los gobiernos de "el salvador" y "guatemala" buscan repatriar a sus connacionales que fueron asesinados en mexico.---una familia mexicana vive momentos de angustia tras perder la pista de un ser querido que fue a su pais y ya no regreso a estados unidos.---la comunidad de oakland esta conmovida por la muerte de un estudiante ejemplar de 13 aÑos que fue baleado anoche.---las autoridades de salud ya descifraron cÁl fue la fuente del brote de salmonela que llevo al retiro de millones de huevos y enfermo a mas de mil personas. ---tambien, miles de productos estan siendo retirados del mercado por representar un peligro para los bebes.---lo esperamos en noticias univision 14 a las 6. pero como nos cuenta adriana, en este lugar, en colombia están haciendo la esperanza para los que sufren esta enfermedad. veamos. . bajo el mismo techo de una casa modesta 4 de los hermanos, esperan la muerte. en medio de un total olvidado los esfuerzos que hicieron
know who will play the girl with the dragon tattoo. unknown 24-year-old actress reeney mara. she beat out the likes of scarlet johansson and natalie po portman. >>> how much would you go to own this toilet? jd's toilet is up for sale. the unbelievable asking price, $1 million. you'll be shocked. no offers yet. >>> a notorious strip tease is costing erika baidu. she's been fined $500 for stripping during a music video shot in dallas. yes, it was the site of jfk's assassination. police charged her with disorderly conduct after a witness made a complaint. >>> and this story will make us all feel old. incoming college freshman surveyed the class of 2014. we'll give you a blank stair at you mention if you mention huge news makers like dan quayle and rodney king. kids these days. that takes us down to the wire. that's our show for this tuesday. i'm chris jansing. cenk uygur joins dylan today. he's ready to rant about shameless wall street titans. keep it here on msnbc. on plastic bottles of water. ♪ that's enough to stretch around the earth over 190 times. ♪ each brita filter can take u
. >> guess who it is? a girl, a woman called mara. >> i know her grandparents, i guess. >> she comes from football dynasty. her grandfather started the new york giants. >> good genes. >> great genes. relative newcomer has landed the role of a lifetime. >> alicia, we appreciate it. thanks. >> my pleasure. >> keep getting through the book. >> i'm trying. >>> more about the breaking news that we have been hearing about over the course of the morning. this scene taking place at collin county community college. this is about 30 miles north of dallas in mckinney, texas. lisa vazquez is the public information officer who is joining us on the phone right now with the latest information. lisa, if you could tell us the latest on this lockdown. still concern that the potential gunman is on that scene? >> we're still on lockdown, better safe than sorry. what we do know is after a few minutes after 9:00 this morning an individual parked his truck in a parking lot near the mckinney police department, which is immediately ajas tonight the campus just north of campus and lit the truck on fire. at that po
are these folks going to face trial for, mara? >> reporter: yeah. the issue here is not who or what was responsible for anna nicole smith's death but about the legality of providing prescription medication. prosecutors allege howard stern the boyfriend and the two doctors engaged in a conspiracy to illegally provide thousands of prescription pills to the former playmate keeping her drugged, quote, almost to the point of stupefied. xanax, sleeping pills, antidepressants. what prosecutors are alleging is that they engaged in fraud, deceit, misrepresentation to obtain them and provide them to a known add addict. it is illegal to provide them to a known addict, unless, of course, they are medically necessary. legal experts familiar with the case say it's unusual for charges to be brought especially against someone like howard k. stern, who is not a doctor and did not write any of these prescriptions. nevertheless they are moving forward with the charges. it's a fairly complicated case given the number of defendants and issues expected to arrive. it could take about six to eight weeks, p
from those fast-moving vehicles. >> frightening story. mara, thank you very much. >> all right. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top headlines from chris jansing from the news desk this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in the gulf where the goflts has ordered bp engineers to conduct more pressure tests on that blown out well. admiral thad allen says it could be late monday or tuesday before the results are back. based on the findings, he could give the final order for bp to proceed with the relief well which would plug the blownout well for good. >>> in baghdad a drive-by shooting and rush hour bombings killed seven and injured dozens. despite the violence the last u.s. combat brigade is on it ways home. soldiers from the fourth stricker brigade started leaving this weekend after almost a year in the iraqi capital. president obama has oered all but 50,000 troops out of iraq by the end of august, and all u.s. troops are set to leave by the end of 2011. >>> more classified afghan war documents will be released on wikilea wikileaks. the founder of the on-line
mara de representantes aprobó partidas millonarias para salvar empleos y para reforzar la vigilancia fronteriza.y les diremos como se preparan las selecciones de estados unidos y mexico para su partido amistoso esta noche en nueva jersey, el cual usted verá por >>> en poco tiempo, javier el chicharito hernÁndez cambiÓ difÍciles jornadas en la banca de las chivas rayadas de guadalajara con goles de ensueÑo en la selecciÓn mrex na y su desafÍo es conectarse con el fÚtbol europeo. y nos tiene este reportaje ivÁn cazansew. >>> fue gran estrella en el pasado mundial y ahora que quiere adaptarse a su nuevo hogar. >>> mano gar al revÉs, queremos adaptarnos en el mayor tiempo posible tenemos la idea en la cabeza, que quiero pasar mucho tiempo en la instituciÓn. >>> el chicharito como es conocido internacionalmente, se convirtiÓ en el primer futbolista mexicano, en ser contratado por el poderoso equipo inglÉs manchester united, una responsabilidad que afronta sin titubeos. >>> quiere que la recuerden por su talento r ¿cual es la estrategia de javier hernÁndez para ad
. natalie portman. >> if you don't know much about the name, rooney and mara, she comes from powerhouse families. first a check of the headlines this morning. good morning, jeff. >> good morning. in baghdad, a horrible suicide bombing attack. the target was iraqi police recruits. this morning 60 reported dead, 125 wounded. officials say al qaeda is testing iraq's military as u.s. forces prepare to end combat operations in two weeks. american forces are pulling back in iraq, u.s. casualties mounting in afghanistan. three more u.s. service members were killed in bombings in eastern and western afghan provinces. the wait continues for same-sex couples hoping to get married in california. yesterday an appeals panel ruled wedding should not be allowed as it considers legality of proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage. the same will likely end up before the u.s. supreme court. >>> a mother in south carolina has been charged with murdering her two young sons. their bodies were found by divers in a submerged car yesterday. the toddlers still strapped into their car seats. the 29-year-old m
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